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Visit our Shapemaster toning studio in Glasgow

Along with our range of beauty treatments at Heaven Hair & Beauty, we recommend you to try our new addition to our salon – the Shapemaster toning studio for effective weight management.

You’ll look good and feel great

Not finding the time to make it to the gym? Or have you been too tired to attend your workout sessions? Visit us and discover a unique exercise routine that is sure to make a difference! After spending time on our toning tables, you won’t just feel great, you’ll look amazing too! Our toning tables are safe for people of all ages and are maintained to the highest standards. Contact us.
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Why choose Shapemaster toning?

  • Improved posture
  • Develops and shapes your upper body
  • Firm and flatten your tummy
  • For a slim waist and hip
  • Contour and strengthen legs
  • Helps you feel great
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Wholesome workout for a fitter body

We understand that regular exercise routines will help keep your body fit and healthy for many years to come. With our toning tables, you can exercise your entire body and not just one part. From great abdominal workouts to training your arms and legs, you can do it all.
Choose our toning tables to improve your posture and overall well-being. Contact Heaven Hair & Beauty in Glasgow. Call us now on 0141 423 9119

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